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Rainbow Bridge

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It was one year ago today (August 17th, 2018) that my beloved dog Skipper passed away. It is still very difficult to believe he is really gone for he survived many things that could have taken his life and in the process took years off mine. Through a series of events that can only be described as miraculous I adopted Skipper on March 22nd, 2007. Skipper was the first dog I ever formally adopted and remains to this day the best money I ever spent. Nothing has brought me more joy. Not only did Skipper bring happiness and joy to me; he brought it to everyone he came into contact with. He was an affectionate, intelligent dog with his own unique personality that included a playful and sometimes mischievous side. I can honestly say we were soul mates as from the time we woke up until the time we went bed we were together as much as possible. His loss is keenly felt as nearly everywhere I am contains a memory of Skipper. None of the wonderful times Skipper and I enjoyed would ever have happened without the loving, caring efforts of Pam, Donna, and Margie. I owe them an enormous debt of gratitude not only for what they did for Skipper and for allowing me to adopt him, but for all they’ve done for the many dogs that have come to CTDR. Love is eternal so I close by saying I love you Skipper and I look forward to seeing you again.

Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore was a foster failure adopted by Melissa Knight in 2004. He enjoyed love and adventures on their Kentucky Horse Farm. Happy crossed the Bridge today

Katie, my precious little princess, came to live with me in March of 2015 when she was 9 years old. She came from a shelter in the Dallas area and we met at the Buda Weiner Dog races. I fell in love with her immediately. She was a true dachshund; lovable, demanding, and stubborn, while at the same time she was so sweet, she melted my heart every time she looked at me with those big brown eyes. Apparently her previous owner did not allow her on the furniture so she never would sit with me and snuggle, I would have to get down on the floor with her if I wanted a snuggle from her. She was always excited to hop into bed at night. When she knew it was time to go to bed she would run and jump at the side of the bed. On nights when I would stay up later than usual she would come lay by my chair and patiently wait for me to go to bed. She was my morning alarm clock, nudging me with her nose, licking my face and climbing on my head! She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 1-1/2 years ago. But her heart condition did not stop us from having our morning walks around the apartment complex because she loved riding around in her stroller. She was very adamant about making sure that no other dog came near her stroller, she would bark at them even if they were way across the parking lot! Her health had been slowly deteriorating for the past year. On Sunday morning, after my nose nudging, face licking alarm clock went off she had, what turned out to be a heart attack resulting in a tear in her heart and blood flowing into the sac around her heart. She left for the Rainbow bridge today. My heart is broken and I will miss her so much for a very long time.

Mary came into our life in May of 2014. Mary was rescued and taken in by "Central Texas Dachshund Rescue". Mary had lost her person and been dumped by that person's family at the Missouri City Animal Shelter. Mary was starving and weighed only 6.13 lbs, she had cataracts in both eyes and was mostly blind, she was 15-16 years old (best guess) and was almost hairless from fleas. Yes, CTDR stepped up to save a flawed senior in need. Volunteers both in Missouri City and Houston sprang into action and got Mary out of the shelter to a local Vet for shots and her first Dental. (Her mouth and teeth were so infected she could not eat.) After two days they got her up to Dallas for us to foster, and for her to boss. Mary soon started to recover, she gained almost three pounds and got both her coat and attitude back. Mary was a force in our household and became Queen of her domain. Her new name was "Mighty Mary". All of our dogs and foster dogs, deferred to her. None ever challenged her. Mary was our foster and ruled for the next nine months. Mary slept in the big bed. She also had her own private lounging day bed, given to her by a Secret Santa. She went on vacation to the beach and was a large part of our lives. So much so, we failed as fosters in March 2015. She let us adopt her and she became Mary Duncan. Two months later Mary was diagnosed with "Congested Heart Failure". She was put on medication, but it was not enough. Almost a year to the week that Mary came into our life, we had to let her go. May 30th, 2015 Mary left us, to go to the "Rainbow Bridge". I know her first person was waiting for her. I know that her first person, who must have loved her for most of her life is loving her now. Many animals have come into and left our life. But few have had a greater effect on or left a bigger hole in my heart. I will miss you "Mighty Mary Duncan". But you are now pain and cataracts free. Always know you are and always will be loved and remembered. Thank you "Central Texas Dachshund Rescue" for saving and bringing her to us. I will never forget and will be forever grateful. Bill and Lorie Duncan

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