7544 FM 1960 Road East #71
Humble, TX 77346
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Central Texas Dachshund Rescue
7544 FM 1960 Road East #71
Humble, TX 77346

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Please note that we do not have a public shelter facility or a public phone number. Our dogs are kept in private foster homes. If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please fill out our adoption application and someone will contact you about the adoption process.

Surrendering your Dachshund

If you have adopted a dog from CTDR and are no longer able to keep it, you MUST return the dog to CTDR according to the terms of your adoption contract. E-mail our Adoption coordinator to make arrangements.

Surrendering Your Doxie

There are times when it becomes necessary to surrender a pet. Your pet's best interest is our mission. Please help us accomplish our goals by considering the following:




Have you taken steps to try to place the dog yourself? You can ask friends or relatives or place ads in local papers. You can also check with your vet. Another possibility that has worked for some pet owners is to temporarily board your animal, if the situation you are facing can be resolved in a short time frame. 




Are you considering surrendering your pet because of a change in your life situation and you feel you are unable to cope? Life changes like a new baby, or another new pet, a new job or new working hours, a move, or a health issue are taxing for adults, physically, emotionally and time-wise. Pets are much like children at these times - they sense our anxiety and they need more attention than usual, just at when our energies are most limited. 


To surrender a dog, contact CTDR at rescue@ctdr.org . A list of our guidelines and what to include in your e-mail is listed below. 

Here are our guidelines:




A cash donation is requested, especially if your dog is not up-to-date on shots, heartworm prevention, flea prevention, or is not spayed or neutered, or de-wormed. All these items will need to be done prior to placement of the dog in a new home, and our funds are limited, so we will ask for whatever help you can provide in accomplishing this. 




Remember to donate your pet related items. Things like a blanket or toy with a familiar smell could be very comforting to your pet. Other items like food, flea treatment, leashes, etc, can be used by Central  Texas Dachshund Rescue or passed on to adoptive families who can use them.




When surrendering your pet, we will do our best to make arrangements that are compatible with your needs, but we often have a waiting list. Some of the constraints we have include a limited number of foster homes and our dependence on volunteers for rescue transports - Texas is a HUGE state. If you are able to do the transport it may enable us to place your pet sooner. Would you be willing to 'Foster' your own dog and bring them to adoption days until a home can be found. (This will require you to sign, agree to, and follow our foster regulations. Once you have surrendered your pet you will not be able to 'give' the dog to anyone. The dog will be considered CTDR property and any interested parties will need to fill out an application and been approved for adoption.) 




Donate items like food, flea treatment, toys, blankets, collars, leashes. A new home and a new environment can be an anxious time for a dog, and having familiar items, and familiar scents about can give your dog some security. Any required item that you can provide us to help care for your dog will help make our funding go farther. 




It is very important that you tell us as much as possible about your pet. We need to know about any temperament issues so that we can place your dog in the appropriate foster situation. We need to know about any health issues you are aware of so we can determine the appropriate care for your animal. When we are not informed of these things we often spend time and or money that we could have avoided spending with better planning. 




Please include the following information in your e-mail to the board. 

Alteration status 
Medical History (Shots, etc) Any back issues?
Any known history of the dog 
How long can you continue to hold the dog until a foster home becomes available. 


Our priority in rescue is saving dachshunds in need from kill shelters. We rarely have room for owner surrenders or mixed breed dogs. In some cases, relinquishment can be avoided. We recommend seeking the advice of a local veterinarian and/or dog trainer if your dog is having behavioral issues. Petfinder.com and other web sites offer basic training advice. Our rescue links page lists other dachshund rescue groups and our links page offers more resources. Read more points to consider before rehoming your dog.

If you found a Dachshund

Thank you for helping a lost dachshund. Please contact your local animal control agency to file a report. We also suggest posting found notices and contacting area vets. The dog may have a microchip and most vets and shelters can determine if it does. It is important to try to locate a dog's owner and CTDR cannot accept a dog without a clear transfer of ownership.

e-Mail Addresses:

General Information: info@ctdr.org

Adoption Coordinator: adopt@ctdr.org

Volunteer Coordinator: adopt@ctdr.org

Donations Coordinator: donations@ctdr.org

Rescue Coordinator: rescue@ctdr.org

Events Coordinator: events@ctdr.org