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Send your "In Honor" or "In Memory" messages to donations@ctdr.org.

There are loved ones in our lives who mean so much to us and people around us who do so many good things, we want to honor them in a very special way. Making a donation to CTDR is a wonderful way to show fellow Dachshund lovers that you recognize their commitment to Dachshunds, and to let others know how much a friend, family member, or fur kid means to you.

Or perhaps you want to recognize friends and family that are no longer with us, or fur kids that have gone to The Bridge, we dedicate this page to the special memories we have of them.


In Honor of Micha Rucka (Christmas Gift)  Love Cathi

Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of your precious CTDR boy, Willie, owned by Angela Curtis, Love Catherine Frost


In Honor of Bill and Lorie Duncan, love Jean Walker


In memory of our darling Sparkle.  We adopted her from CTDR 16 years ago when she was 10 weeks old.  We adored her and she gave us so much happiness.  She crossed over Rainbow Bridge in May after battling kidney disease. We miss her so much! Thank you CTDR!  Peggy and Paul Daniels

 paw-squareprint-blue In memory of the 5 precious dachshunds that we adopted from CTDR: Evelyn, Darby, Schnitzel, JR, and Mason. We love all of you at CTDR. Debra and Doug Ford  paw-squareprint-green

In Honor of Paul and Peggy Daniels and all they do for CTDR, Love Jeff O’Neal


In Honor of Michelle Bassett adopting Pebbles, love Robson Bassett


In Honor of Kent and Erika Struble, love Janice Cooke

  In Honor of Dr. Laurie Kim, love Sara Harrison paw-circleprint-pink

In Memory of our dear Mother, Ann Reagan and her beloved Doxie, Lizzie.  Love RuthAnn and Reagan


In Honor of my Mom, Marie Gibson who will be 102 on Friday November 6,  Love Frances Downing

Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of Kolbi Harr, love Jolie Tate

paw-squareprint-blue In Memory of my sweet, stoic Lucy Lou. Mommy misses you everyday, Goose!!!,  Love Erica Millard  paw-squareprint-yellow

In Honor of Beth Schrader, Love Ralph Walker

 paw-heartprint In honor of sweet and beloved mini dachsund Isabella, beautiful baby, and her sweet sister MacKenzie and mother Jerri paw-squareprint-green

In Honor of Michelle Bassett’s birthday, love Robson Bassett

In Honor of Robbie Robinsons birthday, love Tami Martin


In Honor of Sheena Mathern, love Diane Burke


In Memory of Stanley Friesenhahn, love Denise and Mike Wanke


In Memory of Drake Coldwell, from your Lake Pointe Crew


In Memory of Stanley Friesenhahn, love Cynthia Seymour

Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In memory of sweet Stanley, fur baby of Roman and Kristin Friesenhahn, Love Yvette Herrera.


In honor of Peggy Daniels for all of her great work on behalf of Dachshunds.  Wishing a blessed birthday to my wonderful and beloved sister, and many blessed and joyous returns of the day! Thanks as always, Jeff O'Neal.


In loving memory of Steve McQueen, Love Priscilla

 paw-heartprint  In Honor of Chris Holms’ birthday, Love Lori Hal paw-squareprint-green

In loving memory of Victor Dugan - We know you, your sister, Jasmine and your brother, Buddy are all looking down together on your Mom, Denise, with much love and affection. With love from CC, Niles, Cindy & Gavin

 Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of Gilda, Love Melinda Heidenreich


In loving memory of Jasmine Dugan - Your beautiful, gentle spirit made this world a better place. With love from CC, Niles, Cindy & Gavin


In Honor of ... Bill and Lorie Duncan ...  Paul and Sylvia Ringmacher


In Honor of ... Andy ... Happy Birthday, Love, Amanda Mullins


In Memory of ... my sweetheart girl, Little Bit ...   Love, Marvin and Barbara Newman


In memory of ... my daughters’ sweet red longhair Ginger ...   Love, Marvin and Barbara Newman


In Honor of ... Jerry and Renee Findley ... for all of the work they do for CTDR in fostering doxies. Love, Ed and Sarah Thayer

paw-squareprint-yellow  In honor of ... Michelle Bassett ... long-time dachshund enthusiast. Love, Robson Bassett

In Honor of ... Paul and Peggy Daniels ... Love, Jeff O’Neal


In Honor of ... Laura Zeisig ... and her incredible work with CTDR. Love, Doug and Will


In Loving Memory of ... Itsy ... Love, Sandra

Web image: paw-patternprint-5 In Memory of ... Dear Kaiser Reardon ... You touched so many hearts and will be forever loved, Love Zora and Patrick

In Loving Memory of ... Bitsy ... Love, Stephanie

Web image: paw-patternprint-5 

In Loving Memory of ... Kaiser Reardon ... Love, Samantha Allen


In Memory of ... Penny ... Love, Ana Gonzales


In Memory of ... Kim Kettavonf ... Who loved her doxie Lily dearly


In Honor of ... Michelle Bassett, and In Memory of ... her Scottie, Love Robson Bassett


In Honor of ... Chris Holms’ birthday ... Love, Michael and Ronda Ringer


In Honor of ... Julie Orchid, Happy Dog Day Sweetie!  ... Love, Heather Powell 


In Loving Memory of ... Rags to Riches ... Love, Anna Rodreques

 paw-squareprint-blue In Loving Memory of ... My Scottie ... Love, Michelle Bassett paw-patternprint-6

In Memory of ... Salchicha, may her spirit live on eternally ... Love, Wild Child Studio


In Memory of ... Sweet little Salchicha ... Love, Erin Beverly

Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In honor of  ... Sheena Matherne and her beloved Dachshund, Sister ... With love, Diane Burke

 Gunny Moser  

In Memory of ... Gunny Moser ... Love, Joyce Miller and the ITS Security Team


In Honor of ... r. Steve Edmonson ... thanks for everything, Noa Baron


In Honor of ... Petunia ... Love, Dr. Stephanie Driscoll


In Memory of ... Rags ... Love, Rosalyn Gonzalez

 paw-heartprint In Memory of ... Susan Smith Youngblood ... Love, David Harakal paw-patternprint-1

In Memory of ... Moochie ... We miss you and love you, Love, David and Nancy Holt

 paw-circleprint-pink  In Memory of ... “Roxy Childs” ... Love, Patricia Martin paw-squareprint-green

In Memory of ... Theo ... Love, Denise, Jim and Jeff Offerdahl

 Web image: paw-patternprint-5  In Memory of ... Homer Jay Brucato ... Love, Dr. Dan Nowland paw-patternprint-11

In Honor of ... Penny Macdonnell ... on her Retirement.  Best Wishes, USGS Staff

 paw-patternprint-1 In Memory of ... Scooter ... Love, Anita Nurse  paw-squareprint-yellow In Honor of ... Lyndsie Perrenoud ... Love, Harry Parent

In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Brian Kight

paw-patternprint-12 In Memory of ... Mary Ashcraft Crutcher ... Love, Betsy Ashcraft and Larry Tu
 paw-patternprint-6 In Memory of ... Missy ... Love, Pi Webster  paw-squareprint-blue In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Rowene Hensel
paw-squareprint-blue In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Charlie Brewster paw-squareprint-blue

In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Mr. an Mrs. Curtiss McClymond

  In Memory of ... Jane Rinoldo Ashcraft England ... Love Betsy Ashcraft and Larry Tu paw-squareprint-blue

In memory of ... Donna Funderburg, who passed away on September 10, 2018. Her love for her son was rivaled only by her love for Greta, her dachshund  ... From the Buckaroo Class of 1988, we love you Donny! --88 Bucks

 Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of ... Miles Rucka ... Love Dory and Chad


In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Janelle Campbell


In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Bill Farmer


In Memory of ... Donna Funderburg ... Love, Tina’s

 paw-heartprint In Memory of ... Brent Mier ... Love Karen Shallenberg Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of ... O.D. ... Love, Rug Doctor

 paw-patternprint-1 A memorial gift on behalf of the most beautiful wild boar, Griffy Rodriques, as he brought joy and will be missed by all! paw-squareprint-green

In Loving Memory of ... Jinks Dalby, the cutest Ginger Dachshund there ever was ... Love Kaeli Holmes

 paw-patternprint-6 In Honor of ... Dr. Laurie Kim’s Birthday ... Chris and Russ Holm paw-patternprint-11

In Memory of ... Brent Mier, son of Diana Messer ... Love Beth Duval


In Honor of ... Teresa Rucka 60th Birthday ... love Emma and Jim Pond


In Memory of ... Rex ... Love Marty Urbanovsky


In Memory of ... Boo Bear ... Rest easy buddy! Love, Seth and Sarah Wallis

   In Honor of ... Rena Bonem ... from Christopher Moses

In Memory of ... Dixie Bosshardt ( former CTDR dog) and so loved and missed by Jim and Barbara Bosshardt ... Love Catherine Wood


In Memory of ... Roy Scott’s “Benjamin” ... Love Francille and Rich

Web image: paw-patternprint-5 In Memory of ... Arlene McKenna ... Love Terry McKenna  paw-heartprint

In Memory of ... George Hottel ... Love Pinky

Web image: paw-patternprint-5
In Memory of ... Arlene McKenna ... Love Johnny and Olivia Martinez
Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of ... Arlene McKenna ... Love Geri and Jim Repass

In Honor of ... Our first doxie, Sir Windsor Charles Douglas Chandler III ... Brad and Louisa Chandler
Web image: paw-patternprint-5

In Memory of ... Arlene McKenna ... Geri and Jim Repass


In Memory of ... Tracker Girard ... Love Marty Urbanovsky

 Web Image: paw-heartprint

In Honor of ... Dr. Raymond Bouloy and his wonderful staff at Cypress Creek Pet Care. They love Ozzy and take amazing care of him. Merry Christmas! ... Love Diane Seerey


In Memory of ... Shannon Laura Waldron ... Jay Slaughter

 paw-patternprint-6  In Memory of ... Shannon Waldron ... Clay and Donna Thompson

In Memory of ... Martha Arnold ... Love Joy and Patricia

 paw-squareprint-yellow In Honor of ... Trey Snavely, Dachshund lover's 11th birthday ... Love Jennifer Sprinfield

In Memory of ... Skipper ... Love Paul and Peggy Daniels

 paw-squareprint-blue  In Memory of ... Arvinelle McClaren ... Honts Family

In Honor of ... The union of Marissa Carpio and Tim Field ... Love Jessica Warhoe

 paw-patternprint-12  In Honor of ... Gus ...  The Estate of Angela Stepherson
In Memory of ... Brad Wood ... Wally and Mary Bishop  paw-patternprint-2 In Honor of ... Wrangler who was adopted in 2010 ... Love Jesse and Katherine
Web Image: paw-heartprint In Memory of ... Max ... In loving memory of our beautiful Max who would have been 10 years old today. Thank you for the difference you are making, from Nikki Joza  Web image: paw-circleprint-black  In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Schwimmer Family
Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Cynthia O'Brien  Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Cindy Schmidt
Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Misty Ventura and David Garderet  Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Taylor Duncan Interests
Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Richard LeBlanc  Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Clay Crawford
Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Anthony Properties  Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Jan Bartholomew
Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Jeremy Jones Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... on behalf of the Huffines Communities
Web image: paw-circleprint-black In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... Samuel Johnson  Web image: paw-circleprint-black  In Memory of ... Angela Stepherson ... William Anderson
 Web image: paw-patternprint-5 In Memory of ... Rudy Hampton ... Anna Oberg paw-squareprint-yellow In Honor of ... Paul and Peggy Daniels ... in recognition and appreciation for all their efforts on behalf of the Dachshunds they are so passionate about
Merry Christmas - Kathy & Jeff O’Neal
paw-patternprint-6   In Honor of ... Darrell and Mary Ward ... 
  Merry Christmas - Gretta Ward
 paw-squareprint-green     In Memory of ... Freddie ... Kathy LeBrun
paw-patternprint-7   In Honor of ... Darrell and Mary Ward ... 
  Merry Christmas - Doug and Shara
 paw-patternprint-3    In Honor of ... Annette Shuler and Robert Winterbottom ... 
   Dominique Atencio
paw-circleprint-pink   In Appreciation of ... Sue Rostvold and Allan Little ... Jim  paw-patternprint-12  In Honor of ... Diane Burke ... Brenda Tovar
paw-squareprint-blue   In Memory of ... Steven P. Hupp ... Lisa Miller Hallett
 paw-heartprint  In Loving Memory of ... Bailey, a beloved dachshund,
 who was so loved by his family and who crossed the
 Rainbow Bridge November  30, 2016 ... 
 With Love, Jeremy Palafox
paw-patternprint-4   In Honor of ... Rachel Liebman and Little Bear ...    Mom/Grandma  paw-patternprint-8    In Memory of ... Gus ... Janice Cook
paw-patternprint-11   In Memory of ... Batry ... Love, Mark Gunn  paw-squareprint-yellow   In Loving Memory of ... Guiness Adams, so that another
  amazing   wiener dog may find an amazing home ...
  With Love, Steffan Bentley
paw-patternprint-5   In Memory of ... Karin White ... Victoria Schwartz-Lutz paw-patternprint-1   In Memory of ... Karin White ... Patti and Jay Webb
paw-squareprint-red   In Memory of ... Tubby ... We Love You, Tubby!!!
  Larry Tu and Betsy Ashcraft
 paw-patternprint-12  In Memory of ... Karin White ... Kenneth Bryant
paw-patternprint-1   In Memory of ... Paul Blank, father of Barbara Judkins  paw-patternprint-2    In Memory of ... Dempsey and Mitzi ... Love, Laura Fatter
paw-squareprint-orange   In Honor of ... Wilford McCann and his lifetime love of  dachshunds ... 
  Christina McCann
 paw-patternprint-9   In Honor of ... Darrell and Mary Ward ... Gretta Ward 
paw-circleprint-black  In Honor of ... Paul and Peggy Daniels ... Jeff O'Neal  paw-heartprint   A Christmas Wish to the Dachshunds In Honor of ... Liz and Bob    Smith ... Virginia Bloss
paw-patternprint-10  In Honor of ... Scott Kline and Robert Spurlin's wedding.  From Charles and  Karilynn Bressie and our 2  Boston Terriers, Mr. Tom and Precious  paw-patternprint-6  In Memory of ... Beanie Cooke ... Love, Janice and Gus
paw-patternprint-3  In Memory of ... Judy Dwyer ... From, Katie Sherman  paw-squareprint-green  In Honor of ... Susan and Harki Dodia...Cassaundra Cecil  
paw-patternprint-2  In Memory of ... our beloved Louie ... Richard, Kathleen, Jon, Ben, Matt, Chris,  Zelda and Izzy   paw-circleprint-pink  In Memory of ... Cricket and Katydid ... Love, Carolyn and Sally 
paw-squareprint-red  In Honor of ... Stephany Lampton ...  from CustomInk  paw-patternprint-5  In Honor of ... my sister, Peggy Daniels who loves Dachshunds so much. 
 Happy birthday, Peggy!
paw-circleprint-blue  In Honor of ... Mike and Laura Bowers ...  from Cone and Margie Wells paw-patternprint-11  In Honor of ... G'mom's 80th birthday ...  Love, Leo Griffith
paw-patternprint-8  In Memory of ... of my sweet boy, Teddy ... I miss you every day!
 ...Pam Hughes
 paw-squareprint-yellow   In Honor of ... Allen Lockshin ...  from Erin Bernstein
paw-patternprint-12 In Memory of ... Stanley Rutkowski ... from Kevin Rutkowski paw-patternprint-4 In Honor of ... Annette Shuler and Robert and Ashley Winterbottom ... 
Thank you, Jacqueline Lirette
paw-circleprint-black  In Honor of ... Melissa and Joseph Butler ... from Elaine Martin  paw-patternprint-1  In Honor of ... Darrel and Mary Ward ...  Merry Christmas from Doug and Shara Ward
paw-patternprint-7  In Honor of ... Darrel and Mary Ward from Gretta Ward and Traci Jordan  paw-patternprint-6  In Honor of ... Paul and Peggy Daniels ...  Merry Christmas, Jeff O'Neal
paw-squareprint-orange  In Honor of ... Annette Shuler and Robert Winterbottom ...
 Merry Christmas from Dominique Atencio
 paw-heartprint  In Honor of ... Bob and Georgeann Duron ...
 from Becky Hopkins and Jody Wiltsey
paw-patternprint-5 In Memory of ... Bill (Mary) Manno - RIP ... Marcee Cameron  paw-patternprint-9  In Honor of ... Stephany Lampton ... from Anna Bungo
paw-squareprint-green In Memory of ... Rose Hoey (mother of Teresa Rucka).  We will miss you, Rose.  Love, Joe and Sue Gelardi  paw-patternprint-10  In Memory of ... Scooter Cotte, Love Chris Parker
paw-patternprint-2 In Honor of ... Chelsi, Love Charles and Pam Howard  paw-patternprint-11  In Memory of ... Elvis, Love Mark and Ann Mitchell
paw-patternprint-3  In Memory of... Bobbie Sue, beloved pet of Dianne Slick, who recently crossed over to Rainbow Bridge
Love, Susan Jahss Angle
 paw-circleprint-blue  In Memory of...Kara Harpest from Mike and Kathy Davis
paw-circleprint-black  In Memory of...Kara Harpest,
 Love, Don and Nancy Smith (Highland, IN)
paw-patternprint-12  In Memory of...Kara Harpest, a true dachshund lover.  You will be missed.  
 Love, Kevin, Tracy and Luke
paw-patternprint-4  In Honor of ... Jo Anne Jones from Donald and Julia Yunger  paw-squareprint-red   In Memory of... Miss Maggie Michaels, Love Tarot by Arwen
paw-squareprint-blue  In Honor of ... our friends, John and Barbara Frazell and
 In Memory of ... their dog, Troy (T-Bone)
 From Bryan and Christien Bumpus
 paw-patternprint-10   In Honor of ... Mary Gallon's 75th birthday
  Love, Linda Skinner
paw-patternprint-11  In Memory of ...  Emma,  beloved companion of Rebecca and leader of the pack,  8/2/2001-5/1/2014
 Jennifer Santiago
 paw-circleprint-pink   In Honor of ... Emilie Brucato and all of her weiner dogs
  From Dr. Dan Nowland
paw-patternprint-7  In Memory of ... Sophie,  beloved Dachshund of Doug & Betsy Brown. 
 Love, Sammy and Janet Todd
 paw-squareprint-yellow   In Memory of ... my friend, Laurie Eifert, and In Honor of her husband, Bill Tyler,
  Dorothy Palmer
paw-heartprint  In Honor of ... Jim Busick and his rescue transport work. Thanks! 
 Cindy Barnard
paw-patternprint-8  In Honor of ...  Peggy Daniels on her 39th birthday, again.  Happy birthday to a wonderful  humanitarian and sister,
Jeff O'Neal
paw-patternprint-5  In Memory of  ... Dorothy Dryer
 Love, Michael and Barbara Putrino
 paw-squareprint-orange  In Memory of ... Jordy who brought lots of love and happiness to his family and friends. He  left behind many wonderful memories.
 Charlene Honeycutt
paw-circleprint-blue  In Honor of ... Veronica Frederick, for her loving fostering of these sweet  dogs.
 Libby from San Antonio
 paw-patternprint-6   In Memory of ... Dorothy Dryer
  Love, Marcia Erickson
paw-squareprint-green  In Memory of ... In loving memory of Zelda and Lucy. Best friends in heaven now  as they were on earth.
 Love you both, Mom, Joy Owen
 paw-patternprint-3   In Memory of ... Dorothy Dryer - she will be missed very much.
  Love, Josh & Ashley Mayou
 paw-patternprint-2  In Memory of ... Elizabeth Billingsley, the best "mom" a dachshund could ever  have. 
 With Love, Tom and Jane Robertson
 paw-patternprint-11   In Memory of ... Dorothy Aileen Dryer
  Misty and Mike Hildebrandt
paw-patternprint-10  In Memory of ... Gizmo and Sophie
 Tammy Philipp
 paw-squareprint-red  In Memory of ... Lucy, longtime baby to my dear friend, Joy.  Lucy's sweet heart will never be  forgotten.  May every dog bring as much happiness to their people as Lucy did to Joy.  
 With love, Melissa
paw-patternprint-12  In Memory of ...Wilson Nightengale
 Love, Mags, Tessa and Oscar
 paw-circleprint-black  In Memory of ... Pretty Boy Peanut, Deborah's Mariah, Miss Charlotte, and Debbie's Little  Pistol (Colt). Four Shining Stars - Running Clean, Running Free ...
 Deborah Lynn Vogel
paw-circleprint-pink  In Memory of ...Panther
 Love, Jan, Beanie and Gus
 paw-squareprint-blue   In Honor of ...Linda Druss
  Jeannette Davis
paw-squareprint-yellow  In Honor of  ... Larry Tu
 From Your Dell Team!
 paw-patternprint-9   In Memory of ...Patricia Burgess
  Love, Shari and Harold Hughes
paw-heartprint  In Memory of ... Ruby Medlock
 Patricia Medlock
 paw-patternprint-7   In Memory of ... Dachshund lover Barbara Cunningham and her beloved Pepper
  Betty Cotte
 paw-patternprint-5  In Honor of ... Denise Offerdahl
 Cindy Barnard
 paw-squareprint-green   In Honor of ... Denise Offerdahl
  Cindy Block
paw-patternprint-8  In Honor of ... Annette Shuler
 Brian Shuler
 paw-circleprint-blue   In Memory of ... Scooter Cotte
  Christine Parker
paw-squareprint-black  In Memory of ... Frankie
 David Nielsen
 paw-patternprint-4   In Honor of ... Alyssa Behrend
  Jay Spence
paw-patternprint-11 In Honor of ...Tram Nguyen and Andy Dominguez celebrating their engagement with their dachshunds Patti and Costello.
Jennifer Biggs
 paw-squareprint-orange   In Memory of ...Max Fowler. Max was the dog of Pat and Sam Fowler
  Becky and Brent Renfro
paw-squareprint-blue  In Memory of ...Shotsie Branton...We loved you with all our hearts
 Larry & Judy Branton
 paw-patternprint-10  In Honor of ... Mike and Becca King, as they begin to build their home together (filled with a  drove of Dachshunds)!
 Love, Ryan & Emily Omohundro
In Memory of ...Windsor, a benefactor of the great people and system of CTDR. He was greatly appreciative of his second chance and enjoyed life to its fullest. We miss you Sir Windsor Charles Douglas Chandler III....Brad Chandler  In Honor of ... Annette S's 40th Birthday!
 Michelle Ward
 In Honor of ...Carol Cesaro...Peter Cesaro  In Honor of ...Joe Cesaro...Peter Cesaro
Web image: paw-patternprint-6  In Honor of ...Michael and Ronda Ringer
 Larry Ringer
Web Image: paw-patternprint-5  In Honor of ...Teresa Rucka
 Jimi Kiger
Web Image: paw-patternprint-2  In Memory of ...Sweetie Johnson.  Run free at the bridge
 Teresa & Richard Rucka
In Memory of ...Mandy. Beloved companion to our dear friend, Ginger. As Ginger said, “I’m grateful to God for creating Mandy and to Him and the Dachshund Rescue folks for matching us.” We, too, are grateful for the joy that Mandy brought to Ginger... With all of our love, The NABE Gals
Web Image: paw-circleprint-blue  In Memory of ...sweet Batry. Still missed every day.
 Mark Gunn
 Web Image: paw-patternprint-12  In Memory of ..."Buddy." He was dearly loved and will be deeply missed
 Terry Williams
  In Memory of... my beloved husband, Clifford Good, this would have been his 60th birthday. We love you and miss you so
Virginia, Suzanna and Austin
 Web image: paw-patternprint-6  In Memory of... Rex, a dear doggie friend. With all our love to Uncle Jerry, Uncle Roger and  Joey
 From Sherron, Robin, Anna and Caroline
 Web image: paw-squareprint-green  In Memory of... Sharon McNeely Conrad the best friend anyone could ever ask for.  May you rest in peace. I'll miss you, it was a great 37 years of sisterhood
 Virginia Good
 Web image: paw-circleprint-pink  In Honor of ... Paul and Peggy Daniels in recognition and appreciation for all their efforts on  behalf of these precious little tubular hounds
 Jeff O'Neal
 Web image: paw-circleprint-blue  In Honor of... CTDR
 Debra Schoenberg
 Web Image: paw-heartprint   In Memory of ... Little Angel...Wishing you peace and comfort at the Rainbow Bridge
  Love, Tracy & Kaiser Reardon
 Web image: paw-circleprint-black  In Memory of ... Max...Run free at the bridge
 Richard & Teresa Rucka
 Web image: paw-patternprint-2  In Honor of ... G. Cox's 50th birthday
 Loved by Miss Daisy and Shadow
 Web image: paw-patternprint-5 In Honor of ... Sandy Clabaugh who I know from NH and with whom I interacted on a number of rescues. She was a godsend
Linda J Livingstone
 Web image: paw-squareprint-yellow  In Memory of ... Ms. Gwendolyn