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Animal Success Stories
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Hi Teresa we just wanted to tell you how happy we are Hershey has brought so much joy to our lives. You were my first contact I remember the day you called we had just turned in our application after getting online to find a dog in the first five minutes Hershey came on the screen instantly we fell in love and knew this was our baby. Our next step was a home visit with John and Mary Holstead they were so sweet and gave us all the information we needed to be able to adopt from CTDR (and passed us:) next step was waiting for the call from Bill and Lori it was New Years eve and we knew we probably wouldn't get the call it was killing us to hear from them but by the next day we spoke to Bill who said we could meet Hershey the following day at this time he also told us about Hershey's not so happy life up till the time they received him. They were very kind and loved Hershey as their own we were a little scared they may keep him since he was so loved but we met the next day and when Lori put Hershey in my arms and looked at us with those big brown eyes we knew it was love, and we were going to be one very happy family. Once we got Hershey home he was very sad the first few days and we were very paitient and loving knowing he was missing his fosters an siblings. Within a week he started coming out of his shell. He went to work with me the first week and the owner of where I worked had a rescue dog as well named Mia she really help bring him around. Today Hershey is a very happy, loved, pretty spoiled little boy who is the center of our world all thanks to the wonderful volunteers of CTDR. We cant thank you enough for bringing so much joy to our lives. Love, Mike, Stefanie, & Hershey


Hi my name is Daisy (AKA Princess Daisy), I got that name from my new mom along with my new shining collar. One day while hanging out with my brothers and sisters with my foster family, Mary and John Holstead, they had a call come in from my new mom. She and dad had seen me on the CTDR website. I was the first picture mom and dad and Buddy saw. She told me they did not have to look any further she knew in her heart I was the one for them. See they had just lost their CTDR dog in January from disc failure and so I knew they needed love. But I needed a lot of love too. I came from a really abusive family who did not take care of me. I do not know what I did wrong. Anyway my foster parents took me in and started slowly to gain my trust. It was really tough on them. They did not know what to do at first. But as time went by they gained my trust. When my new mom called they explained that I had been really injured but that did no™t stop my forever mom from calling until we set up an appointment for a meet and greet. I was nervous at first but when my forever mom held me I could feel the love she had in her heart. Still not trusting very much they took me home that day. When I got there I met Buddy. Buddy was sad because he had lost his brother Charley. He was sad and I was scared. Boy mom and dad had their hands full. I made this really loud screeching sound I will call a warning sound that would scare the faint hearted, but not mom. See mom had been down this road before in her past when she was hurt. She had this way with me. She could see I needed some space and she allowed me to let me do what I needed to do. It was no™t long and I loved running to the couch where she sat and jumped between her legs to get picked up. She and I always looked eye to eye. She taught me to give her puppy kisses and she would show me how to put my cheek to hers and we would hug. Pretty soon I trusted dad to. I am so happy in my new home. Dad gives me good treats (mom says too many) and mom takes me walking and runs with me chasing her in the back yard. Buddy is not sad any longer and he lays by me when I feel scared and licks me. We are doing well. My fosters, now God Parents, keep in touch and get all the updates and pictures of me (I am adorable ). I am so loved and adored and I get away with just about everything. IT IS WONDERFUL TO BE LOVED!


Hi …. My name is Dexter. Although my adoptive mom thinks I should have been called Bandit because of my mask. I have been in my forever home for about five months now after spending a couple of months with an awesome foster family. My foster mom and forever mom decided I was a perfect fit for their home. I agree. I believe that divine intervention brought us together. There was an emptiness in their hearts and souls after losing the love of their life a dachshund named Elvis. I knew I had big paws to fill and I had my work cut out for me. But I knew from the beginning that we were meant to be together. They had chosen me to be a part of their family and I wasn’t going to let them down. My forever family has introduced me to toys, cats, and children. I love to play with the toys that squeak. I could play with them all day. My mom takes me on lots of walks. This is where she discovered that I LOVE everyone. There isn’t a person I don’t know. My favorite are the little people that love all over me. My mom wants to get me certified so I can go to the hospital and make the little people happy. Mom says I am an angel because I have brought so much happiness to them and anyone I meet. I have even helped a little girl get over her fear of dogs after she was bitten by one. I also saved a little old man’s life one day when he fell on the sidewalk in front of my house and hit his head. He wasn’t moving………so I barked and barked and barked until I got someone’s attention. They called EMS and we saved the man’s life. I have lots of 4 legged cousins that I play with……dogs and cats. I go everywhere with my mom and dad. I have a special car seat just for me when we go places. My mom also calls me the great hunter because I bring lizards or frogs into the house every day so we can play together. Mom likes to chase them just like I do. But when she catches them she puts them back outside. My mom says I’m a silly boy because I like to lie on my back. I just think it’s comfortable. They thought I growled at them all the time but they have since discovered that I purr!!!!! Silly me. I purr all the time when they rub my tummy, scratch my ears, or kiss my head. Even though they gave me a bed in every room, I chose the queen size bed and have allowed them to share it with me. It’s the least I could do for giving me such a wonderful place to live. I’m almost 2 years old and I still have a lot to learn. I am so lucky to be with a forever family that I can grow old with. Thank you CTDR for finding me a great place to call home.


I was looking for a older male to adopt. TYE was a perfect match even with his seizures. He is the sweetest boy ever and very easy to train, except we are still working on car diplomacy. Because of some back issues, he visits a chiropractor once a week for adjustments and now prances around like a young pup. TYE stays at my side or on my lap constantly looking for kisses and belly rubs. I have changed his middle name to Velcro. He loves car rides and plays with his doxie sister Rosie. Daily he makes the rounds of my property (on a small lake) to be sure all is safe. He barks at boats on the lake and has a great time. He will be moving with me in October for a 3 month visit to North Carolina and will do great. I love him and could not give him up. TYE is the perfect match for me and Rosie. Thank you to Mary and John Holstead for fostering TYE for me. Jacque Merket


Dear CTDR, Bruno is nine years old with arthritis in his front left paw and some missing teeth. He walks with a swaggy pimp limp that couldn't be more adorable. He's perfect for us -- mostly because of his personality but partly because of his old age. Young couples like us usually want the whole puppy-as-proxy-for-baby experience, but we were keen on adopting a dog who came "factory direct": potty trained, fully developed personality and an appreciation for some relaxation at home after a nice day in the park. While these traits aren't exclusive to older dogs, we figured a mature dog would be more likely to have them. The thought of giving a nice older dog a nice home really appealed to us too, since that would allow us to do something good for a dog that might have otherwise gotten overlooked. We can't begin to fully describe how joyful it's been to have Bruno as the third member of our unit. During the first few days after his adoption, he was a little sheepish and had no appetite. So, we showered him with love and affection and cooked him some chicken and rice to get his strength up -- a tip from his CTDR foster mom Cheryl. That's another thing that's been extraordinary about this process. Bruno's foster mom has been so incredibly helpful and communicative before, during and after the adoption. It was a little like having a canine midwife in a way, haha. We thoroughly appreciate how organized and caring our CTDR contacts have been. But back to Bruno: After about a week of shyness, Bruno came out of his shell and we've been so incredibly delighted to learn about his quirks -- the way he dances like a circus dog when he knows he's about to be fed, his very obvious, very hilarious bias for other doxies at the dog park and -- if in pursuit of a playmate or a ball -- his ability to take off in a sprint as if he were seven years younger. In any case, while we could go on and on about how fantastic Bruno is, we figured we'd take this opportunity to push our "consider adopting an older dog!" agenda. At the very least, if you're thinking about adopting, try throwing an older dog visit into your CTDR meet-and-greet process. Older dogs have a tremendous amount to offer. We hope you'll be as surprised and delighted as we were. Per and Christine

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