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Animal Success Stories
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Wishbone (formerly known as Finn) has been a part of our family since July 2018.  He is such a cuddle bug and brings so much energy into our household!  His favorite things are to play with squeaky toys and to perch on top of couches.  He even jumps into our dining room chairs so he has a seat at the table.

When we first adopted him from CTDR, he was very underweight with a brillo pad type of coat.  CTDR had rescued him from off the streets and under Trisha's foster care he put on some good weight and started to build a better coat.  He sleeps with us every night, either cuddling with us like a teddy bear or burrowing under our covers.  He is a great guard dog and always sounds the alarm when there are visitors.

Wishy is big on playing with others.  His trademark moves are to give bump his playmates with his nose and block them with his butt.  When his humans take his toys, Wishy gives the sweetest play growl that always makes us laugh.  He brings us so much joy, and we love our sweet little Wishy so much!  We are so thankful to CTDR for rescuing him and giving him a second chance!

Much love - Kathleen Street, Sam Bird, and Wishy's furever siblings: Nugget & Jodi


I just wanted to write and give an update on Lucky, whom I adopted from your organization on September 24, 2016. We're approaching our one year anniversary of Lucky joining our family, and the time has flown by! We even have a party planned! Lucky is such a little gentleman and loves his Dachshund-sister Ripley so much. They love to sleep together in the same bed and are basically inseparable. Lucky doesn't have the typical Dachshund attitude - he's so laid back and loves everyone - and he's a total snuggle bug. He rarely leaves my lap and has his own routine for getting situated when we go "night night". He's always a hit at our local hangouts and loves every bit of the attention. I still don't understand why someone would drop such a sweet dog off at the shelter, but I'm thankful they did and thankful for CTDR for rescuing him because he wouldn't be in my life otherwise. He's such a perfect addition to our little family and I'll be forever thankful for your organization introducing us. Love Stephanie C.


A little over a year ago Westley came to live with us. Poor guy was emaciated, scared of everything. We believe he was used as a breeder dog but due to lack of muscles in his back legs he was just turned out. A good Samaritan saw Westley cross all four lanes of West Gate BLVD, hence his name West-ley. The good Samaritan took him in and tried to find his owners but no one stepped up, Westley had walked long enough to completely trim his nails down to nothing. She did her best by him but she was unable to keep him. She was moving and already had a dog. She had contacted CTDR. When Westley came to live with us he was scared of any floor except carpet. He actually would walk backwards into the kitchen that has linoleum. He was so thin and had trouble staying hydrated. We had to give him subqutanious fluids daily for nearly 2 weeks. The vet had showed us how to do it and sent us home with the fluids and other things to do this at home. Westley was so calm and just let us give him fluids. It broke our hearts to have to poke him. Once Westley was able to keep food down he perked up and we finally got to see the real Westley. A character but so loving and just so sweet. As fosters he just melted our hearts with his calm and laid back way. We knew there was an adopter that was just right for him. Westley endured the meet and greets but never really liked attending them. He didn't put on the charm to win over potential adopters. One day we got an email saying there was an adopter that was very interested in meeting Westley. We gave her a call and set a time. Loaded him in the car and took him to Petco to meet with her and her older doxie. Of course Westley was so not impressed with the floor and did not turn on the charm we knew he had. This adopter saw him and fell in love with him. After the 14 days we got several updates saying he was doing great but still didn't like her floors which are tile and wood. January 14, 2017 we got a text from Westley's momma. Reading the text it was not the normal update we'd expected. Westley's momma was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and had to go through an very invasive surgery and a very lengthy recovery. This was shortly after his adoption. What makes this an inspirational adoption is she'd told us how Westley is a huge comfort to her through all the pain and healing. She couldn't imagine life without him. Westley's calm, loving and laid back manner gave his momma the stuff she needed to get ahead of the cancer. As a foster we really love getting updates on how the dogs are getting along. This update really validated why we do what we do for these dogs. If we didn't then none of our dogs would get that second chance at a life they deserve. Seeing what some dogs look like when they enter the rescue can really make us not like humans at all. We always ask how can they do this or that to a dog that just wants love. For all of us it's truly about the happiness and perfect home for these doxies. I think Westley has really stepped up and showed how a second chance is all he needed to give back to his momma. It's what all of our dogs do!!! They give us way more than any of us can truly image


Precious came into my home on Memorial Day, and we could not be a more perfect fit! She suffered some serious health issues earlier this year, but thanks to CTDR and a loving foster mom, Precious was fully rehabilitated when she entered her forever home. The vet even remarked on her great health! She is currently on a preventative diet for six more months before returning to normal food. We have been active since Precious became my roommate, building up her stamina through walks (and chase!) and attending pet-friendly events. Precious enjoys the farmer's market, playing with her lab and golden friends, shopping at Petsmart, playing fetch with her toys, learning new commands, trips to the Hill Country, exploring her new backyard, and most of all, tummy rubs. Precious recently celebrated her fifth birthday and went to a parade (where she thought she was the parade)! Precious and I are two peas in a pod, and I truly enjoy every minute I have with her. A big THANK YOU to CTDR and staff for placing such a loving little girl in my care and fulfilling a dream of owning a dachshund. Lauren (Precious's mother)


Ginger has been with us for nine months now and we are all very happy. She loves to play fetch with squeaky balls and will bring us the ball and drop it at our feet. She can catch the ball in the air, while running backwards, and even with her paws. She also likes to ride in the convertible with the top down and go to the park. When she isn’t staying active, she likes to snuggle next to her favorite people. We are grateful to CTDR for treating Ginger's health problems and for bringing her into our lives.

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