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Fostering Information

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to change someone's life and to change your perspective on life, you may be ready to foster a rescued Dachshund. We won't lie to you, it's not always easy, but good things rarely are. And fostering is without a doubt a very good thing. Every foster's experience is different, but we all agree that our lives would be much less full if it weren't for these little ones. Helping them find a new home and a new life is a bittersweet experience, but one you'll never forget.

What's Expected

As a foster, Central Texas Dachshund Rescue asks you to provide a safe and loving home environment, treating your foster dog as one of your own, until they are adopted to their forever home. The main expense that you should be prepared to cover is food. CTDR will provide heartworm prevention for foster dogs. And you will also be responsible for toys, treats, bedding, and other dog items. We will pay for all veterinary expenses, and although we can't offer to pay for your gas when you transport your foster dog, your travel is a charitable federal tax deduction.

How Do I Start?

Our foster approval process is similar to our adoption approval process, so check our GUIDELINES and PROCESS & FEES pages to see what will be required. There is no adoption fee required for fostering.

If you feel you're ready to foster a Dachshund, fill out our FOSTER FORM.